"This goes out to the artists of my time
Painting Mona Lisa’s and such
But yet when the rent starts to climb
Can’t afford their leases and such.
They work hard for a decent little cut
Enough to let paint seep from the brush
When I scribble I think of everybody from the lower to the middle class, we might touch.
Can’t put a price tag on a real flow,
Can’t put a body bag on a real soul,
Can’t put a stop sign in front of a rock star when his goal and his dream is to kill shows.”

Boyz in the hood #SouthCentral

Are you afraid of the dark? 👀

The moment when the cop shows you the photo that was texted to his phone of you hoping over the fence from the security camera and I’m all like Can you send that to me though?👮🙈😭

Late Nights 🔮

That Sutro Magic 📷: @nikk_la

Appreciate all the love lately, it’s crazy how some of the people I been lookin up too been really supporting me, it’s a whole different feeling and I really do take it to heart, it’s not easy trying to make a living doing photography, it’s been tough and I’ve been dealing with tons of trials & tribulations, thanks for the motivation y’all give me to keep pushing forward! Really don’t know how much it means, Thank you all! 🙏

Crazy times with @humzadeas & @jefflombardo y’all killed it out here! Have a safe trip back, see y’all on the east coast soon! ✌️

Thanks to everyone who came to the @mighty_killers meet yesterday! It was great finally meeting a lot of you! Remember to tag #MKEXPLORE for the giveaway and stay tuned for more news on the next @mighty_killers event!